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Communities or Forums?

October 10th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Eduspaces

The new version of Eduspaces looks great and the forthcoming developments sound really exciting.

Some Forums and Forum view observations/queries:

http://eduspaces.net/mod/forum/forum.php?weblog=impelgg displays the ‘Implementing Elgg in HE’ community blog in forum view. However the forum view seems to be the default for community blogs and there is no link to switch to blog view, i.e. http://eduspaces.net/impelgg/weblog/  which has to be entered manually. Once in blog view there is the option to go to forums view but not back again, as there was before the upgrade.

Also there is a new Forums tab in the main menu that looks like a more traditional message board area that and is independent of the community blog functionality. (http://eduspaces.net/mod/vanillaforum/vanilla/). There may be the possibility here for some terminological confusion between the new forums area and the forum view of community blogs.


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  • Terry

    1. I know what you mean about the confusions, Terry.

    Have you noticed that today the link that the top had changed from “Forums” to “Site Forum”, so hopefully it won’t be as confusing as it could have been.
    Emma Duke-Williams on Thursday, 11 October 2007, 10:41 UTC

    2. Hi Emma

    Yes. The change may have been a response to this post as it was still ‘Forums’ when I posted. I think it does clear up any ambiguity very nicely as we have learnt to associate the term ‘forum’ with community in Edspaces. If so – quick thinking guys!

    Another thing I’m not sure about but will probably get used to is that the post ‘menu’ for editing, deleting and commenting is above the post now. I suppose having it below seems more intuitive partly because comments follow a post and you would normally make or open the comments when you have read the message, i.e be at the bottom.

    Terry Wassall on Thursday, 11 October 2007, 13:25 UTC

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