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Entries from September 10th, 2006

Demographic facts – or fictions?

September 10th, 2006 · No Comments · Eduspaces

A couple of slides in Karl Fisch’s presentation Did You Know got me thinking. The slides claim that the 25% most intelligent Chinese outnumber the entire North American population. The figure for India is the top 28% in intelligence. Put another way, India and China could soon have potentially more graduates than North America has people. […]

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Richard Dawkins and 'The God Delusion'

September 3rd, 2006 · No Comments · Eduspaces

Dawkins has just published another book in his attempt to purge us all of religion and unscientific error. While I have some sympathy for his position I wonder if it has ever occurred to him that his ardent and single minded proselytising could be counter-productive. Max Weber pointed out at the turn of the 20th […]

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