15 months activity report

This post reports on activity for September, October and November 2013. The previous 3 months (June, July, August) my start and finish weight was the same at 14 stone 4 lb. At the end of the current 3 months I was 14 stone 7 lb so a gain of 3lb. I anticipated putting even more on over the winter, especially the Christmas and New Year (this indeed was the case as the next 3 month report will make clear. I was 14 stone 11 lb on New Year’s day but already down to 14 stone 8 lb again this morning. So I’m still confident I can get below 14 stone for Spring 2014 and 13 stone 7 lb by the end of the Summer. We shall see.

September Summary:
Road 112.8 miles, 7,256 calories
Turbo 2 hours, 1,289 calories
Total weight loss 0 lb (final 14 stone 4 lb)
Exercise 8545 calories = 2.4 lb  so diet = +2.4 lb

October Summary:
Road 20.12 miles, 1,216 calories
Turbo 20 mins, 198 calories
Total weight gain 3 lb (final 14 stone 7 lb)
Exercise 8545 calories = 0.4 lb  so diet = +2.6 lb

November Summary:
Road 0 miles, 0 calories
Turbo 40 mins, 402 calories
Walking 48 miles, 3,321 calories
Total weight gain 0 lb (final 14 stone 7 lb)
Exercise 3723 calories = 1.1 lb  so diet = +1.1 lb

This shows a reduction in cycling as the winter progresses and an increase in walking. I have also been playing racketball about twice a week over this period so overall fitness has not suffered too much. In fact the pattern of activity in my 20s and 30s seems to re-emerging when I cycle raced from spring to autumn and played squash in the winter.