Third shot drop conditional game

Although the fashion for 3rd shot drives is on the increase (partly because the 3rd shot drop is difficult to master) the drop is still and will remain the default shot for the serving side’s 2nd shot (the 3rd shot in the rally of course). This conditioned game is designed to improve 3rd shot drops and to play points out after a game is neutralised and both pairs are dinking at the kitchen.

Normal prefered scoring (trad of rally), games to 11.

1. The service receiver returns long and immediately advances to the kitchen to join their partner.

2. The serving side plays a third shot drop into their opponent’s kitchen and advances to the kitchen. They should endeavour to get the ball over the net even if the drop is not a good one The idea is to get the rally going.

At this point all four players are at the kitchen

3.  The receiving side will not attack a weak 3rd shot drop but play a dink. This starts a dinking exchange.

4. The point is played out with winners coming either from a dink or a speed up

Scoring and server rotation continues as for a normal game.

There are a number of possible variations For instance, specify that the dinking battle must consist of at least 3 dinks per pair before a speedup or attack. Or, if a 3rd shot drop successfully lands in the kitchen the serving side get a bonus point regardless of who eventually wins the rally.

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