Introduction to spin

Spin comes up quite often in our conversations. This video  explains spin, what it is, what it does, how to do it. For beginners and improvers it’s more important to read spin and deal with it rather than utilising spin themselves but spin is inherent to the game and , as a matter of mechanics, it is almost impossible to hit the ball without any spin at all.  What I like about this video is that it places the emphasis on the angle of the paddle face and the arc of the swing. It doesn’t advocate the exaggerated wristy spin where it looks as if they are trying to cut the ball in half with the paddle.  From the intermediate level upwards this is very rarely seen. You can get all the spin you need with small adjustments to your basic strokes. Getting the basic mechanics of your bread and butter strokes right and is the first stage in utilising spin. Evidence for this could be seen at a recent matchplay session at Heaton Several  of our players were surprised (and pleased!) when one of their shots had spin that they hadn’t tried to impart. The spin had come entirely from the angle of paddle face and the arc of the swing. Virtually no wrist.