Christmas survived!

I started this blog in October 2012, 2 years and 3 months ago when I weighed 17 stone 7 lbs. I finish this year at 13 stone 8 lb. In fact I got down to 13 stone 6 briefly before Christmas but a few days of excessive eating and drinking with the family in Derbyshire piled it on again. I made some effort to mitigate the decline by skipping breakfasts and doing 1 hour walks instead and I assume this has helped a bit. Also in the few days after Christmas before I weighed myself again I played racketball 3 times and got back into my more moderated eating and drinking regime so I probably put on a bit more than the 2 lbs. Anyway, 13 stone 8 is a good place to start from to get down to the 13 stone I’m aiming for by the time the weather gets warmer next year. I’m confident that I can achieve this by mid March and probably earlier. I’m thinking about joining the Airedale Olympic Cycling Club and doing their Saturday social rides and then in due course attempting some 10 mile time trials. I also have plans to develop the Bradford U3A cycling group and doing more on my new mountain bike. I will have to revise my plans to do alpine passes when I’m 70 I think but some decent sportives and audaxes should be achievable.

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