Cycling related Facebook status posts

For some time now I have been posting cycling related items to my own Facebook status and on those of cycle related pages and groups I subscribe to, such as the two that the Leeds Cycle Action Group(LSAG) run – (the more ‘campaign’ and activist of the two) and (the more ‘social’ of the two and that contains a surviving remanent of the OLD Leeds CTC section runs members) – and the Leeds Cycling Campaign – (that has an overlapping membership with the two LCGA FB entities). So these three different Facebook pages/groups/communities, whatever, are all related and I understand that in due course they will be rationalised in some way. I thought I would duplicate some of the more interesting items posted to Facebook here to save me having to plough my way through three different timelines to find stuff. Since they are mostly about cycling campaign issues I have create a new category of post here, campaign, for them. Watch this space!

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