27 months activity report

Up to now I have posted an update every 3 months or so but the last one was at the beginning of March this year, 9 months ago. In that one I reported I had plateaued at 14 stone 7 lbs, a weight I had been at, more or less, since August 2013. In the last report I determined to try and get down to 13 stone 7 lb by Spring 2015 with 14 stone being a significant milestone along the way. Now, 9 months later, I can report that I’m currently at 13 stone 8 lb and now hope to make it to 13 stone for next Spring. Through April until the end of September I lost another 3 pounds, bringing it down to 14 stone 4 lb but the breakthrough came at the end of September when I started using MyFitnessPal to record my food, calories and exercise. Through October and November I have lost a further 10 lbs (approximately 1.25 lb per week) and as I write this post I’m 13 stone 8 lb. To be brief, the system gives me a daily target of calories to lose one pound a week until I reach my target weight, 13 stone, and a comprehensive database of food types and meals to make it easy to calculate and record what I’ve had. Currently my daily target is 1,520 calories per day but any exercise I record lifts this. For example, because I played racketball today for 40 minutes I burnt 350 calories (a conservative estimate) and so I could consume 1,930 calories and still be on target for a pound a week weight loss. Even on days without cycling, walking or racketball and restricted to 1,520 calories I am not finding this at particularly difficult, using a combination of meals from the Hairy Dieters books and the Sainsbury’s ‘Be Good To Yourself’ healthy eating range of ready meals (3 for £6!). I’ve cut down on alcohol a bit but still enjoy a glass of wine most nights. I’ve also had to be a bit careful when eating out but the odd ‘bad’ day is not a problem as long as there are not too many of them. For the ‘badge’ below I’ve back-filled data to July 2012 so the loss recorded is over the last 2 years and 4 months although I’ve only been using the system since September this year.

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